Brew coffee using the most innovative French press coffee maker, now available on Amazon

Most of the home makers or those who love to brew coffee are more often upset when they see the coffee grounds floating over their cup of coffee. Not many more, say the brand MarkusR who have come up with the most innovative French press coffee maker.

MarkusR produces brings the first ever Coffee Press Pot in a very innovative design and this coffee maker has a unique filter system which has a three part mesh filter made of stainless steel and is also PBA free. The lid too is provided with an extra strainer and this prevents any grounds floating on your coffee.

The MarkusR Stainless Steel Coffee Press is now available for purchase on Amazon and it looks like the product is already been purchased and used by many.

Talking about the MarkusR French Press Coffee Maker, the spokesperson of the company said, “This is first ever French coffee maker which is built keeping the minor aspects in mind. A fail proof design and methodology is used which makes it easy to brew coffee or tea in just few minutes. Save time and there is also no need to use any coffee filters.”

The coffee maker is made using the best quality materials like the 2 mm thick borosilicate glass which is heat resistant and stainless steel which ensures maximum durability. The borosilicate glass never cracks as it is highly heat resistant and this way, you can be sure about the long life of the product.

Unlike other coffee makers, the MarkusR Coffee Pot Stainless Steel is not complicated and thus can be used by anyone. Very easy to use, the coffee maker gives you the best cup of coffee ever. If you have a very busy schedule, then you can certainly save your time by using this coffee maker from MarkusR.

Most of the home makers who have used coffee makers have always had the compliant when cleaning them. Hence we designed this coffee maker in a way that it is easy to clean as all the parts can be easily disassembled, cleaned and can be assembled within no time again, and this also includes the filter,” said the company’s spokesperson.

The product is witnessing amazing response from all its buyers on Amazon. Till date 83% of the buyers have rated this product with a 5 star rating.

One of the very recent buyers of this coffee maker, Lam Nguyen mentioned, “I am a coffee and tea lover. Before purchasing of this coffee press, I usually use the drip thing to make coffee and the strain pot to make tea. However, I enjoyed this press so much that I decided to not use these others anymore. The drip machine usually goes quick that the paper filters out all the oil natural from the coffee bean. It does not happen like this with the press coffee. You are able to enjoy the whole smell and sediment of the coffee bean.”